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Looking for 2 PRO MALE ACTOR for a short film

We're looking for 2 professional/experience Male actors, in the ages of 25-35 years old, with real acting experience. It is important that you are a Native English UK actor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fluent English is a must!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

professionele productie


We are looking for actors to fill the following roles: 

MATT (lead role)
Age: 25 t/m 30

A hermit. Somebody who lost touch with the world a few months ago. He's never been the most social type, hinging on autism. Talking to other people is hard for him. Maybe he found love, got a girl and felt like he finally had a place in this world. Build his world around her, her social life became his. Always did what she asked him to do, went where she went. That was going to be the rest of his life, just the two of them making a family. Until she told him she met someone else. Now she lives with the other guy and Matt moved to an apartment. His world comes crashing down. Because of his depression and insomnia, he lost his job and is living off his savings. He doesn't really have to go out to be somewhere. So most of the time he orders food or groceries. 
He kills his days by lying in bed feeling sorry for himself, he feels it's him versus the world, trying to figure out what to do with his life. Sometimes he's sitting in front of the TV, watching movies, series or playing old video games. He believes it's not his fault, all bad things happen to him and only him. 
He barely sleeps because of his insomnia but when he's tired he rests in bed or tries to sleep. Not having a rhythm to it, the days blend together.

TREY (lead role)
Age: 28 t/m 33

The kid that always had everything in school. The world kind of fell in his lap. Born into wealth, the athletic build of a Greek god, charismatic and intelligent, all without really trying. 
Studying to become the same thing his dad is, so he won't have to think too much about life. Almost done with school, but delaying the final stretch so he can party, fuck around and enjoy these years a bit longer then he's supposed to. It's a species that reproduce themselves at a steady rate but never break the vicious circle of the personal ego and not being able to put themselves in somebody else's shoes. Every family member will only think about themselves, whether it's the father or mother. They will only think about what they're doing in life and how certain actions of their breed may affect their image. 
That being said, it makes Trey a lonely but very independent person who knows how to represent himself. He knows what the world expects of him and uses this knowledge to the fullest. Making sure everybody thinks the best of him. Except for the people who are no use to him, he does not care about them. A narcissist. But because of this, he doesn't know his true self and he has no idea what happens when his persona/shield breaks

It is important that you are a Native English speaker!!!!!!!!!!! 

Somewhere in between February - March 2018

The casting auditions will take place in February

- One day of rehearsal, most likely on February also

- The filming dates are scheduled somewhere between in February - March 

Wat bieden wij?

Reageren / meer informatie
ALL applications should be sent directly to with 
- links to previous work.

We do not reply if you don't have headshot, showreel and if your not a Native UK English speaker

Looking forward to hearing from you! 

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