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We are a group of highly motivated comedy lovers who are creating content for our own Comedy Sketch channels (to be launched soon) on Social Media. Our team exists of very passionate people with wide backgrounds and skill sets (actors, writers, project people, directors, producers and sound engineers). We produce short comedy sketches with changing teams following an already set planning.

As this truly is a passion project, unfortunately, we will not be able to pay (yet) and we all donate our time and efforts for the love of what we do.

semi-professionele productie


We are currently looking for actors who:

• Are native English speakers (US or British);
• have experience or great affinity with short comedy sketches;
• live in, around or are able to come to Amsterdam for shoots;
• earn massive bonus points if they happen to be comedy script writers too (we are happy to see if we can also help you take your comedy sketch to production!). 

We have a set planning for the table readings and film days of the different scripts which we will share with you should you be interested in meeting with our producer to see if this would be a project you want to be part of. 

Wat bieden wij?
We offer:

• A chance to be a key member of a passionate fun group of comedy crazy people with the mission to build up a comedy platform starting with a YouTube channel and growing into whatever awesome we can grow it into.
• Work in a small team with people who have very different professional backgrounds where you truly have a say in the project development and where you can learn from others.
• Be a reoccurring face in various roles in the different sketches broadcasted via our channel.
• Loads and loads of fun! 

Reageren / meer informatie
If you are interested drop me (Femke) a line via femke@femwillfixit.com telling me a little bit more about yourself, what you have done and why this project seems to be a good fit for you. If you already have an online portfolio you can send me the link to that would be awesome! We can set up a phone call on short notice where I will explain you a bit more about the project and possibly invite you to one of our scripts table readings. I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you!!

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