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Production title: Cannibal Inferno Production type: Student/Micro budget
Project length: Feature (70-90 minutes) Movie language: English
Director: Paul Kalkhoven Casting Director: Lysanne Stolk

About the project:
This is a small project organised by university students outside of class to make a B horror movie. It will be shot with minimal crew over the course of several weeks whenever time is available. Acting experience is not required. 

We are still looking to fill the lead role at short notice. We don’t really have time to organize more auditions so we’re just looking to receive some audition tapes based on sides we will send you. Feel free to send us an email if you contacted us before but didn't have time to make an audition video.

When a group of students are captured by a cannibal fetishist they met for an assignment, the peer-pressured loner of the group must not only avoid being eaten, but lead her classmates to freedom.



Character BIOS:

A quirky and introverted college student majoring in art. Smart and ambitious, but discouraged by everyone. She allows her teacher and classmates to push her around, leading her to fall into the cannibal's trap, but discovers courage and inner strength. Must be okay with: performing fight and chase scenes, fake amputation makeup, fake blood and scenes with adult themes and situations (no nudity or sex scenes). 

There will be approximately 12 shooting days. We film on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays depending on when everyone has time available. We wil need to shoot at least four days in the first half of March because of actors who have other obligations later in the month. 

Wat bieden wij?
We are students so we can only afford the small amount of €180 to compensate for travel or other costs. We will also provide something to eat and drink. Of-course we will also credit you in the movie and provide you with a copy on dvd. 

Reageren / meer informatie
Please email us (in Dutch or English) at We will send you some sides so you can pick two scenes you can video yourself acting out. It would help if you can film it it in a medium or close-up and minimize moving around so your expressions and acting are clear. Please send it to us by Thursday and we will make a decision on Friday so we could hopefully start that weekend. 

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